Welcome to The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Course! This course is a systematic and sequential method designed especially for adult learners to learn (or re-learn) the piano and/or its contemporary equivalents – the digital piano and synthesizer.

The course includes music from all historically foundational keyboard genres, both classical (18th to 20th centuries) and popular (particularly ragtime, blues, jazz and rock). By the end (and possibly before), you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced music in any of these established genres, or if you’re interested, in today’s popular styles – modern pop, R&B, alternative rock, film/anime, video game, contemporary jazz, minimalist/New Age and/or electronic music.

Styles aside, the focus is learning how to play. As you work through the course, you’ll cultivate a spectrum of proficiencies required for becoming an accomplished keyboardist, including reading skills, rhythm skills, chords and enough music theory so you’ll understand what you are doing. You’ll also be introduced to basic principles and tools for exploring your own musical creativity by improvising, arranging and composing.

Have fun!